Set Default Invoice TAX

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  • In PHP radius ISP can set there default configuration Like ISP information, ISP logo, set Currency, Billing Title, Billing Terms, Billing TAX. Portal Setting etc.
    to open an ISP Portal Configuration on sidebar > Config Admin Config option.that will display different tabs on a page.
  • By selecting a tax option that will set in billing by default.
  • On sidebar menu click on Config > Admin Config option.
  • Click on the billing setting tab.
  • View the TAX setting.
  • Select the TAX option.
  • If you select the NONE option then invoice generates without TAX.
  • If you select the GST option then you can provide a TAX number and set the TAX rate in percentage.
  • If select service option then provides TAX number and set TAX name and rate in percentage.
  • Click on the Apply button.