Client CMS

  • PHP Radius provide the best facility to their Customer like CMS (Customer Management System) in the Client portal.
  • if any client have any kind of issues or query according to their Plan, Recharge or any other then open Customer Support form Client Portal.

How to Open Client CMS Report

  • follow the following step for open Client CMS Reports.
  • First of all login on the client portal with Customer username and login password.
  • After finish the login process, clicks on the sidebar menu with the Customer Support option.
Open Client CMS Report
  • after click on Customer Support Option it will be display Complaint List page.
  • here you can see different types of columns available like Complaint Id, Type, Status and Action.
  • Status like Open, Close, Pending or In process which is set by Admin or ISP.
  • TO create new query or Complaint, Now click on New Complaint option from Right side.
query or complaint Client CMS
  • Here you can see Complaint Type and Complaint Message fields.
  • important to realize that both fields are compulsory to fill.
  • after fill the field with proper Complaints Issue or Message then click on Submit Button.
  • you will get a success message and display Complaint List.
  • if Customer want to show current status of Complaint then click on first option current status from Action column
Current status of Client CMS
  • here you can only see Current Status of Customer. Customer can not change any details.
  • display Type, message, status, status by, date and status message.
  • first thing to remember that status display that action which performed by Admin or ISP.
  • if customer want to show status log of Complaint then click on Second option Status Log from Action column.
status log of Client CMS
  • it will be display Conversation between customer and admin or ISP.
  • Here display Status Type, Status By, Date and Status Message.
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