Billing & Accounting

  • PHP Radius provides billing system for auto invoice generate were creating a user or recharge User with auto GST TAX calculations facility.
  • ISP also a manual invoice generator.
  • ISP can generate various types of the invoice like plan-based, static IP based and service based.
  • payment is done by ISP in ISP portal by selecting an option like cash, check, online transfer.
  • when recharging a user while the client can recharge own way using a payment gateway.
  • It Provide the various type of billing accounting management for users like advance plan management, advance recharge management, live bandwidth management, top-up recharge management, user access control management.
  • PHP Radius Provide auto TAX calculations facility for all users.
  • also can change it also you can set GST TAX or any other taxes you want.
  • It also Provide auto discount facility by selecting regular user their user in the billing in the ISP portal.
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